“You choose….” by Jeffery C. Wagner

I have learned that there are two ways to approach life, selfishly or unselfishly. Jesus has in many ways taken me through this to both witness and experience the two outlooks on life. subsequently, I have chosen the later…

the selfish life often encounters barriers, obstacles, and hurts. it experiences offenses and inner turmoil. as you struggle to obtain happiness by way of self-gain you run into barriers that stop your progress, like losing a job, a relationship, house, or dreams. or you run into obstacles like not enough money, no help from others, or lack of friendship. you are easily offended because you choose to see things as they affect you and it hurts and results in inner turmoil. you become a burden to yourself and to those around you, draining the life out of every moment in a futile attempt to self-gratify. 

the unselfish life sees things as opportunities to help others, to uplift, encourage, and to spread the love of God. you choose not be offended making way for love to heal the person trying to offend. patience and understanding fill the moments when others lack them. you seek to uplift those who are downtrodden and encourage those who have lost hope. you freely spread the love of God as He has freely given it to you. you understand that all things come from Him and are provided from Him. this allows you to freely give knowing that God will replenish your needs. you are a blessing to God and those around you as you give others a glimpse of the kingdom citizenship. -Jeffery C. Wagner 04/16/2017



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