All Things by Jeffery C. Wagner

Jesus brought to attention that all things are under His control. There is nothing in existence outside of His control. Although we as humans are most often given the freedom to choose our direction on each given situation, it is never outside of His ability to direct it.

Deeper still, God holds together all things in existence: an atom, a molecule, or even a cell, has no thought or mind of its own yet they move and do. This is because all things are made of, from, and by God. “The father of all things.” Each thing exists because He called it to form. In the beginning it was only Him, naturally, all things were made through Him. This is how He is “in and of all things”

Not to be confused with pantheism, which believes the spirit of God exists in all things. here is the truth of the matter as explained to me by Jesus; “a human hair has form, it grows, it changes, it ages and is a part of you. You cannot talk to your hair, although most of you have tried. it is incapable of thought or communication. Your soul does not reside in it, and apart from you it loses its life and eventually ceases to exist. Similarly, when you come to a tree it is a part of Me but does not contain Me.” -Jeffery C. Wagner 04/10/2017

Theological Understanding


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  1. Very interesting Jeff. Thanks for sharing. Do you use this understanding in your life to motivate love and life in the people around you?

    Some of my thoughts that came out as I read this, seem unrelated……. but I don’t think so. I will post them in a separate post just in case, check them out if you have the time!


  2. I do. as you understand this, you begin to see others as guided into your path for kingdom purposes and to the glory of God, instead of obstacles in the way of your own selfish ambitions. it turns your thoughts to the eternal and frees your mind and emotions to love all that you encounter.


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