A Testimony of Growth and Understanding by Jeffery C. Wagner

From my earliest memories I have enjoyed the privilege of God’s influence in my life, having been raised by a grace-filled mother. Love was never in short supply from her, as God was the center of our world. She chose bedtime stories from the Bible, and put her heart into making each one very interesting and engaging for my sister and me.
However, being Catholic meant parochial school, praying the Rosary every night, (which seemed to take forever to a four-year-old), and of course Mass every Sunday. I only saw the side of God that preferred routine. Later I would learn that God enjoys a variety of worship, and to put one denomination over another is an error in pride rather than an observation of truth.
We moved around a lot in my youth, which forced me to change schools often. This, along with my introverted nature and small stature, made me an easy target for ridicule from classmates who were seeking their own place in the pecking order. I handled it by closing off as much of the world as possible in order to survive.
As an adolescent, I found God’s peace in the solitude of nature, a much-needed respite. Hunting and fishing offered solace, and I would often use those opportunities to pray. It seemed I was destined for this bland routine of trying to survive the days and licking my wounds at night, until one summer evening in my junior year of high school, when God introduce Himself to me.
The first time Jesus came to me, I was just seventeen. This visit solidified my faith, as it answered not only the question of whether Jesus even exists, but also that He cares, and that He truly did sacrifice Himself to remove the sin barrier not just from between Him and us, but from between each other as well.  Jeffery C. Wagner 04/09/2017

Inspirational Testimony


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  1. Thanks Jeff for being the first Inspire on this website! I pray that you continue to use this past growth in your life to bring love to the people you encounter! I especially relate to your denominational understanding, as I in my life have seen and experienced the love of Jesus with Catholic, EFCA, AG, Episcopalian, Lutheran, Non-Denominational, Non-Traditional Church Going, and all other believers. Feel free to contribute whenever you feel that your heart has been led to do so!


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